For the love of (brown) hair

For the rest of my life, I’d like to be a hair chameleon mostly alternating between brown-black and red-brown.

Right now, my hair is darkest brown with a fading brown balayage. It’s also got random streaks of blonde from that time I left the bleach on for too long.


What I want is a glossy, dark chocolate brown but I think my hair pulls red from any dye since I’m Asian. I really love Nicole Richie’s hair; it’s the perfect brown I want but hers has black streaks going through. I’ve considered Megan Fox’s famous brown locks but they’re brown-black and that is my natural hair colour.



I have an inkling that my hair will turn out like this. You can see there’s a bit of red shimmering through the brown which is pretty but I’m not feeling the multi-dimensional colour right now. I just really want block colour.



Any suggestions? Which shade is your pick of the brunette bunch?

XO Lauren


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