Personal questions tag!

I was perusing one of my favourite fashion sites when I stumbled on this hilarious article that I can relate to, just because I take silly pictures all the time. My normal face is probably the one where I look like I’ve been hit by a train which you know, is quite attractive. Anyway, everyone should chill out a bit and stop stressing about the little things… cue Jessie J’s Price Tag.

Today I’m doing a tag I found over at Beauty Reviews and Things so here it goes!

1.Do you have a middle name? Yes, it’s Chinese and embarrassing to say!
2. What was your favourite subject in school? Well that had to be Extension 1 Maths because I felt that I learned a lot during year 12. Legal was pretty great at times.
3. What’s your favourite drink? Schweppe’s Agrum Citrus Blend and Chai tea.
4. Favourite song at the moment? We Got the World from Icona Pop. That’s my jam.
5. What would you name your children? Evelyn for a daughter, I don’t know what for a boy.
6. Do you participate in any sports? Nothing atm, but I used to do gymnastics in years 9 & 10 as well as taekwondo.
7. Favourite Book? Oooh this is hard… tossing up between The Picture of Dorian Gray and A Clockwork Orange.
8. Favourite Colour? Yellow 
9. Favourite Animal? Seal
10. Favourite perfume? I haven’t smelled enough to judge but like wearing Signorina (Salvatore Ferragamo) and Philosophy’s Amazing Grace together.
11. Favourite holiday? That time in Beijing at the Peninsula was pretty rad. Anywhere luxurious is fine!
12. Have you graduated High School? Just last year. So glad to get out of that hole of high school education!
13. Have you been out of the Country? Of course.
14. Do you speak any other Languages? Cantonese, a little Mandarin, a bit of Japanese and fluent Sarcasm.
15. Do you have any siblings? One brother from another mother. Kidding.
16. What’s your favourite store? River Island, H&M, Mango, ZARA, Glassons.
17. Favourite Restaurant? Currently, it’s Din Tai Fung in the CBD.
18. Did you like school? Hated it with a passion.
19. Favourite YouTubers? I find myself going back to Tanya, Sammi, Nicole and Chriselle for my Youtube fix. They’ve got a great screen presence and I like the way they speak.
20. Favourite Movie? As of late, it would have to be Skyfall. I don’t watch many movies!
21. Favourite TV show? Supernatural, American Horror Story, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries.
22. PC or Mac? I have been converting to Mac because of the aesthetics but for word processing, Word is so much easier to use than Pages. I hate Pages!
23. What phone do you have? A crappy HTC Legend that I have a feeling will be in a comatose stage quite soon. Then it’ll be a battle between the iPhone 5 and Samsung S4
24. How tall are you? 5’6.

13 Personal Questions:

1. What do you order at Starbucks? Usually a grande capp or latte.
2. One thing in your closet you cannot live without? My white Calvin Klein bra, it is the most comfortable bra ever! Holy shit… seriously, go get it on sale though. It’ll set you back about $25 but you will never look back.
3. What’s one thing most people probably don’t know about you? I’m probably a psychopath, I just don’t know it yet.
4. Name one thing you want to do before you die… Travel to the USA and UK.
5. What’s one food you cannot live without? Salmon and avocado sushi.
6. What quote/phrase do you live by? I don’t live by anything!
7. What’s your most listened to song on iTunes? Without a doubt, Moves Like Jagger.
8. What kind of style would you define yourself as having? Effortlessly put together yet dishevelled in some way.
9. Favourite number? 27.
10. Two Hobbies? Online shopping and blog reading.
11. Two Pet Peeves? When people eat in front of me and chew loudly. I’ve got a selective sound sensitivity which contributes to me going insane in such situations.
12. Guilty Pleasures? Listening to rude music. Heh.


2 thoughts on “Personal questions tag!

  1. I used to absolutely adore the name Evelyn too, until I found out this science teacher at my school had the first name Evelyn. I can not erase the name association now 😦

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