Fall fashion essentials

Since it’s half way through the last summer month, I’m going to share my autumn/fall fashion must haves. It’s my favourite season because I get to layer heaps of jackets, cardigans and jumpers and I get to play around with my clothes a lot more. Then there’s the excuse to buy cappuccinos and chai lattes from Gloria Jean’s and who doesn’t like that?! I remember two years ago, I received birthday money and I actually spent all of it at various coffee shops because it was always freezing when I had to catch the train to school in the morning. 

Here are the basics that you can use to expand your fall wardrobe:


1. Patterned shirt: I love wearing these even on cold summer days with the sleeves rolled up and top button undone. You can choose a chambray one instead, but I personally feel happy and fun with a whimsical floral or spotty print. 

2. Sweater/jumper: Cropped or not, a basic coloured jumper is perfect for autumn. To channel a preppy vibe, I’d wear one on top of my patterned shirt, not a plain one so it doesn’t get overly uniform-like.

3. Chunky knit: One for the cooler days maybe towards winter when you want to feel nice and toasty. I prefer loose knits over cable knits because you see a bit of your shirt when you layer one on top. 

4. Bright scarf: I love bright or textured scarves so much as they add dimension to your outfit. My red scarf goes with everything and helps me brave the cold.

5. Leggings: Black leggings are a staple in my closet and you can wear them under shorts and skirts to transition them from summer to autumn.

6. Black jeans: This shade goes with everything and what I love about black is that you get an instantly put-together feel that is perfect for students like me who appreciate their sleep!

7. High waisted skirt: I’m obsessed with anything A-line so I’ve been collecting skirts in leather, florals and different colours. While these are great for summer, I’m going to be wearing these with my sweaters this upcoming month.

8. Suede knee high boots: Autumn is the right time to bring out the suede. Choose a knee high pair as they are perennially flattering on all body shapes and if they have a zipper on the side, they’ll help elongate your legs.



Hope this gives you a little inspiration for some of the pieces you can have in your wardrobe. What do you like to wear in autumn? Anything similar to what I’ve picked out? 

I’ll be posting a beauty must haves list soon so stay tuned!


XO Lauren






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