Moving on

Today I’m not going to make an obligatory V-day post because there are other more pressing  issues to talk about. I was en route to my agency appointment in the city when I stopped by a few places to pick up some goodies. Call it a mini haul if you’d like. I was a bit disappointed when the relatively inexpensive moisturiser I wanted wasn’t at Priceline so I had to go for the pricier one. Now I justify it by saying that skincare should be an investment… right?


LUSH: The Toothy Tabs are supposed to be a toothpaste replacement but this one has lost its mint flavour, probably because it was from an older batch. However, since their main component is baking soda, they have whitening properties.


LUSH: I really like the versatile bronze colour of this lip tint. Layered on my lips, it gives a satiny glow and feels ever so light. While a girl at the store told me some of the other girls liked to use it as a blush, I’m sure this doubles up as an eyelid colour that starts off sheer but is quite buildable. As for the flavour, it’s a tad artificial smelling which is odd, considering LUSH uses natural ingredients. The coffee’s not as concentrated as I hoped it’d be.


Soap & Glory: Ahh this beloved British brand with the tongue-in-cheek names is perfect for me! Glow Job and Sexy Mother Pucker… you don’t see that around very often. I really respect the philosophy behind the product range, it’s a refreshing though. Hand Food absorbs quickly into my skin and smells so, so good with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. While the texture isn’t quite as thick as I like my hand creams, it is surprisingly very hydrating and long lasting. I have a feeling this bigger tube will take care of my skin for quite a while, so the $12 is worth it.

The Body Shop: This year I’ve set a goal to take better care of my skin. A new moisturiser that’s suited to my skin concerns is a nice start and I chose this one from the tea tree range because I’m a sucker for things that sound natural. Using this in conjunction with my tea tree oil (Thursday Plantation) should help get rid of bacteria and all the junk it brings… which means less pimple parties, yay!


I didn’t get Balenciaga’s Florabotanica fragrance, I just sprayed some on the card to throw into my bag to make it smell nice. Besides, I don’t need another floral. This was pretty strong I must say, not exactly what I tend to go for. For the upcoming winter season, I’ll be looking for a richer scent, something musky or oriental maybe. If only there was a perfume that was laced with tea, oh that would be perfect! And it could come in a little glass teapot shaped bottle… how cute would that be?!

That was all my therapy for the day, I had sushi for breakfast/lunch and then headed to the interview. All I’ll say is that I’m lucky I’m not as desperate as the other people who go in and pay the $250 upfront fee and get their pictures taken. I researched on the www that any legitimate agency should not request any money for these things, that they’re a scam and you’re most likely to not get any work from them. It’s all quite sad to know that so many people stumble into one of these agencies and get ripped off. I guess I’ll move on and keep trying until I get some sort of response.

Tomorrow I’ll probably be heading to different places to hand in my CV. Mum tells me to go find students to tutor because I’m educated. I don’t know, I’m not entirely ready to return to the land of Prelim and HSC.

XO Lauren


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