It turns out I probably have an allergy to some mysterious airborne particles since now I’ve got an itch near my eye. The doctor checked it out for me and now I need to take antihistamine medication so I bought the generic brand of Claratyne. Eye drops might even be needed if the tablets don’t take care of my eye.

Last night, I freaked out about germs and threw out any mascara that was beyond the recommended six month lifespan. I also washed my kabuki and flat top kabuki with antibacterial soap (the type I wash my hands with) to get them nice and clean. The soap worked really well actually, compared to face cleanser as it took out all the makeup residue that was stuck in the middle. I find that you need to scrub them a bit to get everything out or else you’ll get a pimple party on your face. Not pretty. You’ve probably realised I don’t wash my brushes the conventional way… I just use anything that works and is accessible (read: cheap as chips). Next time, I might add some olive oil into the soap and use lukewarm water; apparently the soap dries out the bristles and hot water melts the glue joining the bristles to the brush head.

It’s funny how I have a slight fear of germs, yet I’m completely fine to pick food from the ground if I’ve dropped it within 10 seconds. That said, I won’t ever feel so bad as to pick up a slice of cake with fluff stuck to it. I like to think I have standards that don’t go quite so near a caveman’s.

And Happy Chinese New Year! (ka-ching!)

XO Lauren


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