Where I’d rather be

1. MBFW, New York: My favourite Australian fashion bloggers are all attending Fashion Week and it makes me so jealous when I see their Instagram pictures. I’d most happily change places with Nicole and wear her leather pants and Charlotte Olympia if I had the chance! Or even with Margaret as she has tea with other bloggers. Very fancy.

2. Lindt Cafe, Martin Place: I’m dying to revisit as it’s such a warm day and I could do with their macarons ‘Delice’ and iced chocolate. You don’t go to a chocolate cafe for coffee if you don’t have any chocolate to go with it.

3. Santorini, Greece: I found a gorgeous landscape for my wallpaper and it doesn’t help that I want to go there badly. It reminds me of the ABBA movie, Mamma Mia and how I was focused more on the backgrounds, every time. Everything about the island is paradise, except for the economy. Here’s a screen shot for you to enjoy!


Lovely, isn’t it?

4. Nelson Bay, Port Stephens: The last time I went to the North Coast was in 2011 and it’s utterly perfect. I’d recommend the Oaks Pacific Blue Resort, the 2 bedroom lagoon spa is perfect for a family and it overlooks the amazing pool so you get some peace and quiet.

5. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore: Infinity pool. Need I say more?

6. InterContinental, Hong Kong: High tea and drinks would be lovely here! I had planned to go while I was in HK from December 2012 but my mum thought I was high. Hah, get it? I think she saw the price list. Next time I get back to the homeland, I’m kicking back over there. All I need right now is good company and better food.

I’d like to know what you all have at the top of your travel bucket list 🙂

XO Lauren


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