On ‘thinspo’ and body image

The extremes girls go to in order to get thin is really shocking. After reading this article I felt like sharing my own opinion on this form of inspiration.

I agree that beauty is pain, to some extent, for example when you want to wax the hair above your top lip (moustache) and it hurts! But when you want to achieve ‘beauty’ and it starts to hurt either yourself or the people around you, then it’s not worth it. Why is it so deathly important to be thin? I suppose in many cultures, especially Western, being slim is a sign of good health when so many people are morbidly obese. Nowadays, so many girls desire thin, Victoria’s Secret-esque limbs and are willing to sacrifice their wellbeing and mentality for this goal. It’s honestly ridiculous. Truth be told, once in a while I find myself wishing I were skinnier, but then when I realise how much working out it’ll take and how little I’ll have to force myself to eat, I forget about it. Yes, I’m not particularly motivated in this area and I love food but do I look overweight to you? Modelling agencies dictate rules about how their models need to look. That’s for the fashion world, not the real world. Girls often forget that those rules don’t apply to reality, which is often why their perceptions of beauty are badly twisted. If those models want to starve just so that they can be walking clothes hangers, so be it. Why would you want to look the same as everyone else? Thin arms, thin legs, thin face, thin this, thin that… is it worth all your energy?

The deeply embedded idea of thin = beauty in our society affects all of us in one way or another. I’ve had contact with girls who work out, feel faint and starve themselves because they want to be skinny when in the first place, they were perfectly healthy. Others are 18 years old and want to be 40kg… that is morbidly underweight for the average girl. I’m not against working out, I just believe in working out to keep fit. Going for a run or doing sport is fine as long as you don’t tie it in with ‘thinspiration’. It sends the idea that you’re not happy with your body and when another girl sees that, she’ll think that she’s not thin enough and so the negative mentality goes around in endless cycles. Why can’t we all just be satisfied with our bodies, regardless of what others think? That might be easier for me to say because I had a good group of friends at school and they accepted everyone for what they were like. Growing older, I didn’t have many issues of body image and self-hatred which was good. But I’m aware others aren’t as lucky as I was. While surrounding yourself with positive people helps a lot, the way you think behind closed doors is more crucial. Don’t let the media influence your thoughts in a less than positive way. Avoid Tumblr blogs which promote ‘thinspo’ and don’t find yourself around people who complain about their perfectly normal bodies.

With so many campaigns about ‘real women’ displaying images of curvier women, it doesn’t aid the situation. Just because girls don’t have boobs and a bum, it doesn’t mean they’re not real. Every girl is real, and every girl is probably fine if they’ve got a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


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