Current beauty wishlist

beauty wishlist

Essie Bikini So Teeny: It’s such a pretty cornflower blue and I’d like to balance out my polish collection which is currently dominated by pinks.

Revlon Matte Wine Not: I’m a sucker for lip balms, glosses, stains, sticks… the lot, and now I’m into lipsticks with a matte finish rather than a lustrous one. They’re not as ‘in your face’ but still very pigmented and gorgeous. This shade is so vampy and perfect for going out in autumn.

BareMinerals Hydrating Mineral Veil: After reading about talc being a component of many powders and its less than hydrating effects, I feel that investing in a talc-free formula may do my skin a favour or two. While this is isn’t in pressed form, it means I use less product and these usually last me a good year or so. NTS: wash my brush regularly!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion: I’m on the lookout for a new moisturiser and this tea tree based one sounds lovely. Yes, I love natural ingredients and the green (read: organic) packaging just hits the spot.

Now onto other things I’m wishing for, or will get around to buying soon. It’s coincidental how both are related to tea!

T2 Green Rose 100g box: I think this is part of T2’s Valentine’s collection, I don’t really care. All I know is that green tea + rose + tropical fruit = date with my tea cup.

ASOS Time for Tea Print Top: How cute is this top?! I love it, but I’m waiting for the price to drop a bit because I’m not spending almost $30 on a t shirt.

This is a drink, but I really want to try an affogato. The sound of ice cream dunked into hot espresso is rather appealing to me. Unfortunately, I’ll have to until I’m 18 (118 days!) for a liqueur shot. Nevertheless, yum.

XO Lauren


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